Sliding Walk-In Shower Doors

Sliding shower doors

Sliding Walk-In Shower Doors have 2 panes of glass total.


There simply is not a shower or tub enclosure we cannot make!

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Door Frame Options

Framed Shower Doors

Think of the picture in your home with a frame all the way around it that is exactly what it frame door. All the glass will have framing around it plus it will most often a header.


Enclosures with 5/32″ Glass Panels

Enclosures with 3/16″ Glass Panels

Frameless Shower Doors

A Frameless shower door means the glass itself has very little framing on it. Frameless doors are usually made of heavier duty glass 3/8 and 1/2 inch thick. However, all glasses has to be held in place by something. So a Frameless door may have glass clamps or channel holding it to the floor, wall and a header.


Enclosures with 1/2″ Glass Panels