Heavy Euro Series (HGSE3)


Prices are based off Standard Options

  • True bypass doors
  • 90 Degree return panel
  • Super Duty Euro Header
  • Semi-frameless enclosure
  • 3/8″ Slider Glass
  • Through-the-glass towel bar and knob
  • Doors overlap between 1″ to 3″
  • 7 stock finishes
  • Standard Finishes: Chrome, Gold, Oil Rubbed Bronze, or White.
  • Premium Finishes: Brushed Nickel, Roman Bronze, or Satin.
  • Over 60 custom finishes available – Select “Cardinal Custom Powder Coat” to purchase
  • Click here for more information about Cardinal Custom Powder Coating

Custom height units taller or wider than listed below call us for a quote: 1-413-822-7308

We understand the the Ordering Process can be complicated. We want you to get your shower door exactly the way you want! If you need assistance or if you're stuck on an option, then please call us at 1-413-822-7308 for assistance.

  • 1- Select Model Dimensions*

    2- Select Model Finish*

    Reset options

    3- Enter Exact Bypass Door Width (Inches):*

    Bypass Door width must fit within the Model Dimensions (Chosen in Step 1)

    4- Enter Exact Return Panel Width (Inches):*

    Return panel width must be between 6" and 36"
    For custom panel widths please call for a quote.

    5- Choose Your Glass*

    Unit comes stock with 3/8" clear slider glass and 3/16" clear panel glass.

    6- Choose your Pull:*

    Unit includes Through-the-Glass Towel Bar & Knob

    • 192.5 $

    Cardinal 10 is a glass surface protection product. It repels water, oil, soap scum & grime. C-10 has a Ten Year Warranty (we recommend you squeegee the glass after every use) from the date of your receipt. NEVER clean your glass with an abrasive cleaner as it will void your warranty.

    • 53.9 $
    Out of plumb example

    A Tapered Filler is used to correct out of plumb walls or sills if they are more than 1/4 inch out.
    The easiest way to check walls for plumb is to put a spirit level on the wall. If the bubble is not in the center of the vial, you'll need to find out how far out of plumb the wall is by moving either the top or bottom of the level away from the wall until the bubble finds center. Then measure the gap between the level and the wall.

    • 7.7 $

    Keeps the panel glass from being accidentally lifted out the Header.

    • 231 $
    S-Curve shower glass

    Now you can have a slider that is Sleek, Stylish and Sophisticated. Cardinal Shower Enclosures is pleased to announce the availability of our S-Curve Euro Slider.

    • Stock and custom sizes available
    • Glass overlaps 1” to 3”
    • Installs as easily as our Euro unit with one additional bumper
    • Available with custom etching to highlight the curve

    • 123 $
    Shower glass recessed finger pull

    The recessed finger pulls can be added to the included Through-the-Glass Towel Bar. They provide extra places to grip the interior panel.

    • 77 $

    Add Notched Panel

    Call for a quote 1-413-822-7308

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Model Dimensions

Height: 70 1/2" – Width Fits Openings Between: 46" – 48", Height: 70 1/2" – Width Fits Openings Between: 58" – 60", Height: 75 1/2" – Width Fits Openings Between: 58" – 60"


Chrome, Gold, Oil Rubbed Bronze, White, Brushed Nickel, Roman Bronze, Satin, Cardinal Custom Powder Coat