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Custom Shower Doors

American Shower and Tub Door and Cardinal Shower Enclosures have joined forces to provide you with the most beautiful shower door you can imagine. There simply is not a shower or tub enclosure we cannot make!

You also play a very important role in this procedure. The shower area must be built correctly. The walls where the glass attaches must have studs in them, and the sill must pitch 1/8 inch into the sower area.

This ensures that water will drain into the shower, not out onto the floor. Walls must be plumb and sills should be level. Our glass can be made to fit out-of-plumb or out of level areas, but it is best to start out as plumb and level as possible.

Your next job is to get accurate measurements of the shower area. Measurements are based on the centerline of the sill. For example, if the sill area is 4 inches wide, the centerline would be 2 inches. Do not take any deductions off your measurements, that will be done by the factory. Everything you do should be based on exact field measurements.

Custom glass cannot be returned for mis-measurements, so please be very careful when providing these figures. All measurements must be provided in writing. We do not accept verbal measurements.

There are 20 glass-finishs and 7 standard metal finishes and 68 powder coated to choose from.  However, clear 3/8-inch-thick glass is the most popular. Clear glass makes bathrooms seem larger since you see through it.

Upkeep is easy. Cardinal’s C-10 water repellent helps stop soap scum, grime, water spots, and oil spots from sticking to the glass. It also helps when you squeegee excess water off the door after taking a shower. You should never use an abrasive cleaner on your shower door.

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Thank you guys very much. I need to share this with you. I just retired a year ago and have been working on a home in Longmont. It has been GREAT doing business with you and your company. I didn't need the hassle (had plenty when working) and didn't get it from you. Thanks Again. GREAT JOB!rightQuote

Ken R.